I’m Grace, a 23 year old self-taught pisces artist from a small town in the UK. I recently graduated with a degree in biological anthropology but realised I despised the idea of a 9-5 and needed to be creating constantly to be content and decided to pursue what I love doing: art. I work in acrylic, prismacolour and occasionally oil, and would describe myself as a surrealist painter, with aspects of pop art (my favourite artists are Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo). I like to paint what’s inside my brain through my experience of mental illness, while keeping a unique style that is aesthetically pleasing. At the moment I’m working on upscaling my pieces, focusing on making series’ of paintings each with a theme, and expanding my clothing to include dresses, swimwear and other timeless handmade pieces. I am influenced by a lot of things: gore and anatomy, psychedelics, fantasy books, anime, women & sexuality, bright colours, nature, environments like the beach & jungle, unusual animals, aliens, hell, the occult, conspiracies, mythology and mysteries. I am obsessed with the concepts of paradise, insanity, and beauty, and I love everything supernatural, otherworldly, weird or macabre. This is only the beginning; I aspire to be an artist, author, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and so much more and to have my work exhibited worldwide. My dream is to be entirely self sufficient and able to support my family and friends from being creative, to travel the world and to open a commune on the beach in a deserted island with pet snakes, rats, hairless cats and plenty of plant babies where I can paint, write and eat tropical fruit every day. I make art for everyone who feels different, out of place, lost or crazy and I hope it can inspire or make a positive impact on someone. Your support means the world to me and every sale helps me a little more to do this full time and keep on creating.